From the moment you decide to build, natural question is “When can we move in?” Understandably you are anxious to see dirt moved and walls erected. That move-in date can’t come too soon. However, in the initial stages of the project, the delivery date is a moving target because of factors beyond your builder’s control.

Weather is one obvious factor. Also, before construction can begin, we have several important task to accomplish that involve outside people and entitles, for example:

  1. Most residential construction requires a building permit. The process varies and can take a few minutes or a few weeks depending on local practices and workload.
  2. If you make structural changes to the plans, the engineering for the home may need revision. The revision can take from several days to several weeks, and it must be completed prior to applying for the building permit.
  3. If your home will be in a covenant-protected community (one with a homeowner’s association), your house plans may need approved by the association’s design review committee. These groups generally meet once a month.

We recognize that timing is critical to planning your move. Although a guaranteed date is unrealistic in the early stage of construction, the builder can provide regular updates.

As your home nears completion, we can provide a firm delivery date (usually 30 to 60 days before the closing). Meanwhile, be flexible and avoid making arrangements that might cause you worry if the move-in date changes.


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