Your new home must be somewhere. The question is, where? Use a good map to identify areas you would consider based on distance to work and other family activities. Decide what is acceptable to your family. Take your time in making this decision. Many details about your new home can be remodeled in later years as your lifestyle evolves, but changing the location is not one of them. Does your lifestyle fit best in an urban, suburban or rural setting? This choice is a matter of lifestyle and attitudes, not a matter of right or wrong. If you are new to the area, you may need to do some exploring. Within the areas you ultimately select, any or all of several types of lots may be available.

Individual Sites Builders refer to an isolated building location as offsite or scattered site. The lot is all in one place, but the builder’s work is scattered. Individual sites are not always in the country. An infill site, situated among existing homes, can often be found in urban settings. Urban lots usually have all services available. Fees and assessments associated with them can be low if improvements and schools are established. On the other hand, their fees can be significant if area services need repair or replacement. Make no assumptions based on appearances. Follow through with a complete investigation of any site you consider. Individual sites are more appropriate for custom or semicustom builders whose systems are organized for this style of work.
Subdivision Sites A land developer may develop (provide streets and main utility lines) a group of lots and offer them for sale. One or more builders buy the lots and offer their services to build homes on them. In some cases, the developer is also the builder or one of the builders.

If you decide to have your home built in a subdivision, learn who the developer is. Review the quality of the developer’s work as carefully as you do your builder’s. Look at other subdivisions created by the same firm. Are planned amenities installed as promised? Is traffic controlled adequately? Is the community design appealing? Take note of the entry treatment; you will see it often. Selection of a subdivision site means working with one of the builders operating there. The land and home purchase become a package.


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