We will schedule meetings with you at several points during the construction. You meet at the site, discuss questions, and update the target delivery date. these visits might occur every week or two or upon completion of certain phases of work.

Scheduled meetings may not satisfy your desire to see your home. Check with us for guidelines of days and times when other visits are welcome. Your safety, satisfaction, and smooth work flow of work are your builder’s prime concerns.

If you have a question, get in touch with our office. Don’t give instructions directly to trade contractors who may only know about one portion of the plan.

For any issue you should consider whether it can wait until the next routine conversation with us or whether you should contact us immediately. For instance, if you ordered a pink bathtub and see a blue one being delivered, Jimmy Miller and the plumber will both appreciate your calling attention to the error right away. However, try to resist pointing out items the builder will address in the normal sequence of construction.

Putting serious questions and concerns in writing reduces the possibility that they will be forgotten or miss-communicated. Also keep the following points in mind once you have notified us of a concern:

  • Your concern may involve a detail we already noticed. Still correction may not occur immediately
  • Work may be simply incomplete; an early stage can look wrong to you but be exactly right when finished.
  • Methods and materials change over time. When you are familiar with one method, you naturally question a different one. This does not make the new method wrong

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