Jimmy Miller Construciton has developed formal inspection procedures. Building inspectors, warranty insurance companies, FHA, VA, or your lender may also inspect the home. However, no matter strong the commitment of us and all the other inspectors, the desire for a high-quality home will be strongest for you, the eventual owner.

No matter what the price of your home, you may reach a point where your standards exceed everyone else’s. Or you may not have the technical knowledge to judge the quality of every stage of the work and wonder if it is done well. Trust and information are vital to your peace of mind at such times. For perspective on this important subject, keep these points in mind:
  • Building codes make no distinctions based on price. Code books do not include one set of regulations for homes up to $200,000 and another for those over $200,000. Codes require that all homes meet the same level of safety.
  • Codes make no attempt to set standards for aesthetics. Many steps in construction allow the builder and the buyers to exercise their discretion. Performance in such areas is based on experience, pride of workmanship, and the ever presentbudget.
  • Price differences often show most notably in size and features. The more expensive the home, usually the larger and more complex the design. The list of features in a $597,000 home is longer than that of a home costing $113,000. For instance, the master bath of the former has a jetted tub with a brass faucet. Tile walls, including handpainted accent tiles, surround the tub. Beside the tub is a spacious walk in shower, enclosed by clear glass panels in goldtone frames. The cabinets have raisedpanel doors with brass knobs and provide lots of storage space.
  • The master bath in the second home includes a fiberglass tub with a chrome faucet. Tile surrounds this tub also. The buyers select from eight color colors, none of which include handpainted accents. A shower rod comes standard, but space limitations prohibit a walkin shower. A single cabinet beneath the vanity offers some storage space. Its unadorned doors have no hardward
Although different in appearance and price, the plumbing to bath tubs must work without leaking. Neither tub should have chips or gouges. The tile in both baths must meet the same standards. In time, grout and caulking in both baths will need maintenance by the homeowners. The cabinet doors should all operate smoothly and be level. They will all show variations in the way the wood took the stain.

Building a home is part science, part art, and part plain hard work. As one of the last handmade products available to us, each home is unique in the same way that an oil painting by a landscape artist is unique. The artist can stand in the same place and paint the same panorama using identical colors and the same size canvas as for a previous work. Yet in the end, every painting has a personality distinctly its own.

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