Once the physical work begins, you will find an understanding of construction scheduling basics helpful. We create the constuction schedule based on experience and input from our trades. Some portion of the work must occur in sequence and some trades work best alone in the home. Having the electricianand the plumber in the home at the same time prolongs their work because they get in each other’s way.

Depending on how much construction is occuring in the region, trade contractors need varying lengths of lead time or notice before working on your home. Lead times change constantly. We order materials so that deliveries occur at the correct time. You can help by comleteing your selections as early as possible and following your builder’s guidelines for changes.

Jimmy Miller Construction is involved with your home on a daily basis. Jimmy frequently checks the work at the site, updates the schedule, answers questions from trade contractors, and checks on material deliveries. When we ask you to clarify details, you need to respond quickly to prevent delays.

Both your satisfaction with the home and our reputation rely on this close attention. Technical standards (such as building codes) and specific requirements (such as blueprints, specifications, and change orders) provide detailed criteria for these inspections.

The building department that issues the permits also inspects the work as it progresses. Construction on the home cannot continue until it passes the required inspections at various stages of completion.


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