Your builder will provide you with selection sheets that list the choices you need to make for your floor plan. Plan to finalize your selections within the time frame provided by the builder. Prompt completion of these selections helps prevent delays caused by back orders. Take note of these reminders as you go through the process
  • Make informed decisions. Learn about the materials and items you are considering. Understand the maintenance you will provide and the limited warranty commitment your builder makes on each choice you make.
  • Be thorough. Complete all blanks on your selection forms. Costly errors can occur because of assumptions and incomplete information.
  • Selections that exceed allowances—such as those for floor coverings, countertops, or light fixtures—will require cash payment upon finalizing your choice.
  • View color samples in both natural and artificial light to get an accurate
  • Variation between samples and actual material installed can result from variation in dye lots. Also, over time, sunlight and other environmental factors affect the samples.
  • Driving through the area to view existing homes is one way to spot exterior color combinations that appeal to you. Selections often look different on a fullsize home.
  • Because no two buyers have the same taste, many builders reserve the right to place a hold on your selections until your loan has been approved and contingencies are released.
  • If any of your selections have been discontinued, the builder will contact you and ask you to make an alternate selection as soon as possible.
  • Occasionally a home is already under construction and your builder has made some of the choices for the home.
  • Double check all model, style and color numbers.
  • Make sure you put each selection into writing. Both you and the builder should retain copies of the signed selection forms. You may find them useful for matching colors and materials in your home in future years.

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