Many builders today will consider changes you might want to make in your floor plan, especially if they are nonstructural—that is they do no affect the load-bearing portions of the home. Be prepared to describe the result you want to achieve to your builder. Alternative methods for achieving the same effect may be available at less cost.

In order to deliver your home as close as possible to the targeted date, your builder orders many items well in advance of installation. Once a particular item is ordered, changes may involve an adjustment in the delivery date of your home and additional costs. Work within the changeorder boundaries set by your builder to avoid this situation.

Remember that your new neighbors have the same opportunity and may request features you did not consider. The possibilities are nearly infinite and builders make no claim to have mentioned or offered every possible idea.

Many companies today use computeraided design (CAD). The CAD operator can usually make changes to plans more quickly than a draftsperson working manually. However changes are made, existing plans that you might modify are considered to be intellectual property and as such are often copyrighted. Unless you purchase rights to them, the design company retains control of them and only the design company can change them.


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